Vidor Kis-Márton – 40, co-founder and CEO of Continest, economist, father of three.

Being next to Continest when it was born, he has the most experience with this innovative technology, and a track record of large, multi-location sport events, as the FINA 2017 World Championship in Budapest, FIS 2019 Alpine Ski World Championship as well some of the largest festivals as Sziget, Balaton Sound, Open Air Frauenfeld and others.

Vidor speaks fluent English, Hungarian and Romanian. Currently Vidor leads the R&D as well the market development of Continest, with focus on defence and other special application areas.

Through the past two years Vidor developed a lucrative working relationship with NATO COE’s, member countries engineering and logistical specialists as well with a hub of innovative companies across Europe who add value to the Continest application.

In 2019 Vidor won the Tech Start-Up Award during the Select USA Investment Summit held in Washington DC, USA and is a frequent guest of panels and expert groups focusing on innovative technologies.